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We are completing our Sling Replacement service in about 3 weeks, but other service lead times can take up to 6 weeks (excluding Deep Cleaning and Spruce-Up). Please Contact Us today to get your patio furniture restorations in our queue.

Vinyl Strap Replacement

Vinyl straps tend to stretch, crack and peel over time. We use only the highest quality, most durable replacement vinyl strapping and there are dozens of colors to choose from:

201 White
202 Vanilla
203 Yellow
204 Citron Yellow
205 Driftwood
206 Camel
207 Saddle
208 Dark Brown
209 Terracotta
211 Kelly Green
212 Dark Green
213 Baby Blue
214 Turquoise
215 French Blue
216 Royal Blue
217 Navy Blue
218 Orange
219 Grey
221 Black
222 Buttercup
224 Off White
225 Red
227 Jade Green
228 Twilight Rose
229 Cappuccino
230 Clover
231 Leisure Brown
232 Adobe
233 Nantucket Blue
234 Dusty Blue
236 Burgundy
237 Putty
238 Coffee
239 Mistletoe
242 Papaya
246 Holly Green
247 Slate Blue
248 Sherwood Green
249 Deepwater Blue
250 Charcoal
251 Forest Green
252 Dove
257 Lite Blue

Color samples are for reference only and should not be used to finalize your decision. We have physical samples that you can see by coming in to our shop or when we pick up your furniture. Various sizes are available: 5/8", 1", 1.5" and 2". Not all colors are available in every size. A minimum number of straps are required for replacement. Contact Us for more information.

We will not use vinyl strap to convert furniture from its original design. For example, we will not use the frames from wicker furniture and put straps on it. As another example, we will not put straps on furniture made for slings. There are several reasons for this. First, it usually isn't cost effective. Second, it can change how the weight is applied to the frames differently than how it was engineered, which could make it unsafe. And finally, we pride ourselves on quality craftsmanship. Changing the media may or may not fully satisfy the request, therefore we choose not to do it at all.

Once your vinyl straps have been replaced, we strongly recommend scheduling a Spruce-Up Service every 12 months to protect and prolong the life of your outdoor patio furniture.

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