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Metal Frame Restoration

The Arizona sun is brutal on your frames. We can restore them to like-new condition using all-natural, environmentally friendly products. We can not, however, repair deep scratches or chips. If your finish is beyond cleaning, we can powder coat them. We offer a large selection of stock colors as well as additional special order colors. Certain metals allow for certain finishes and we'll help you select your best options.

A common misconception is that powder coat is the same thing as paint. The are not the same and we do not "paint" anything. Paint does not hold up in our harsh desert environment for more than a year or two before it starts fading and peeling. What we offer is a more durable powder coat finish which involves chemical stripping (if needed), sand blasting (if needed), primer coat application (required for iron/steel) and a baked-on powder coat application. This is why powder coating is more cost effective for higher quality goods. A $500 minimum is required for powder coating.

What To Expect – How The Aging and Corrosion of Metal Affects the Powder Coat Process

All metals experience some form of corrosive degradation as they age. Uniform Corrosion is the most common type and is characterized by attacks over the entire surface area of the metal exposed to a corroding agent such as water, salt, sand, ultraviolet rays and even pollution. This type of corrosion is typically caused by chemical or electrochemical reactions that cause the metal to be consumed while forming oxides or other compounds over large visible areas. These reactions cause the metal to lose thickness over time and can continue until the metal has been dissolved entirely. Another common type is Pitting Corrosion which typically manifests itself as small cavities or holes on the object's surface while the remainder of the metallic surface remains unaffected. This form of corrosion is also highly penetrative and is considered to be one of the most dangerous types of corrosion because it is difficult to predict and has a tendency to cause sudden and extreme failures. On aluminum products, corrosion leads to a gradual oxidization of the metal, pitting in weaker areas and a softening of the metal, resulting in corrosion fatigue. With iron and steel, the most common form of corrosion is rust which can permeate the entire depth of the metal and cause structural failure. While powder coating will restore the general appearance of outdoor furniture to a like-new condition, and will provide additional protection against further corrosion, the underlying condition of the metal itself can affect the overall quality of the finished product. There is no expectation that it will look like it just came off the factory floor as it did when the metal was brand new and not corroded. Therefore, it is common to see some areas with minor discolorations, indentations from pitting or gouging and even some spots that reject the new finish. It's important to remember that used furniture is not brand new, that it has been exposed to harsh elements and has experienced some form of corrosion. While our process can not repair the aging that has already occurred to the metal, we proudly stand behind the quality of our work within reasonable expectations.

Once your frames have been cleaned or powder coated, we strongly recommend scheduling a Spruce-Up Service every 12 months to protect and prolong the life of your outdoor patio furniture.


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