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As a small business who greatly values our employees and customers, we are keeping our staff informed on the pandemic and maintaining social distancing as recommended by the CDC and State of Arizona. We are open for business during posted hours and continuing production on all orders on behalf of our customers. We are constantly re-evaluating and adapting our business to mitigate the challenges we face with supply chain issues that affect the manufacturers, our suppliers, all the way down to us. We appreciate everyone's patience as we navigate through these challenging times.

Metal Frame Restoration

The Arizona sun is brutal on your powder coated frames. We can restore them to like-new condition using all-natural, environmentally friendly products. We can not, however, repair deep scratches or chips. If your finish is beyond repair, we can also have them powder coated with one of many colors and textures.

A common misconception is that powder coat is the same thing as paint. The are not the same and we do not "paint" anything. Paint does not hold up in our harsh desert environment for more than a year or two before it starts fading and peeling. What we offer is a more durable powder coat finish which involves chemical stripping (required), sand blasting (if needed), primer coat application (required for steel and cast aluminum) and a baked-on powder coat application. This is why powder coating is more cost effective for higher quality goods. A $500 minimum is required per color for powder coating.

Once your frames have been restored or powder coated, we strongly recommend scheduling a Spruce-Up Service every 12 months to protect and prolong the life of your outdoor patio furniture.


Metal Frame Restoration Service | Dining Chairs - BEFORE Dining Chairs - BEFORE
Metal Frame Restoration Service | Dining Chairs - AFTER Dining Chairs - AFTER
Metal Frame Restoration Service | Sitting Set - BEFORE Sitting Set - BEFORE
Metal Frame Restoration Service | Sitting Set - AFTER Sitting Set - AFTER