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We offer a huge selection of quality outdoor sling fabrics and can show you our full assortment when we come to evaluate your sling replacements.

There are four fabric grades that determine resling pricing:

Standard: Basic, durable duty suitable for residential and commercial applications.
Premium: Better than Standard, more selection of styles and colors, suitable for residential and commercial applications.
Premium Plus: Attractive textures, weaves, Jacquards. Upgrade your outdoor living area with these fabrics. Long lasting wear and durable. Suitable for residential and commercial applications.
Ultra: High end, heavier bodied Fabrics. Casual to dressy, tend to have a softer, fabric-like feel and comfort compared to more rigid traditional fabrics. Suitable for residential and commercial applications.

Pricing below is based on standard, single layer fabrication and application. Padded Slings, Double Layer (Homecrest), Parabolic (some Brown Jordan) and other unique styles are available as special order only from the specific manufacturer, such as Tropitone, Brown Jordan, Mallin, Winston and Homecrest. We still encourage submission of photos through our website to confirm the particular brand and specific needs. We will even go so far as to analyze the value of your furnishings to determine if restoration is a cost effective and practical avenue based on current condition and brand identification. Our evaluation is upfront with your best interest being our best interest.

Furniture Resling Standard - $/Unit Premium - $/Unit Premium Plus - $/Unit Ultra - $/Unit
1-Piece Chair $75.00 $85.00 $95.00 $112.50
2-Piece Chair $75.00 $85.00 $95.00 $112.50
1-Piece Chaise Lounge $140.00 $155.00 $170.00 $192.25
2-Piece Chaise Lounge $125.00 $145.00 $165.00 $187.25
Double Chaise Lounge $250.00 $290.00 $330.00 $384.50
Double Glider $150.00 $170.00 $190.00 $225.00
Ottoman $30.00 $35.00 $40.00 $47.50

Description of Services (what's included, what's not)
We provide a treatment application to the frames which will return beauty and luster to the finish. You will receive a fabalous looking finished product from us. Some minor touch up will be performed to heavily damaged areas, most generally at the base and foot of legs. We can only match the finish as inconspicuous as possible. Extensive touch up is not performed nor promised. Service prices do not include replacement of nylon/plastic parts such as rail caps, foot glides, bumbers, stoppers, etc. We do try to re-use existing parts but they can fail upon extraction. We will do all we can to replace with spare or adequate parts as possible. Due to a vast number of different types, styles and manufacturers, it is not feasible to carry everything and sometimes nothing is available. We do carry a supply of stocked parts from major manufacturers and can also usually order. There is a per-piece price for new part application. We will replace broken, stripped or compromised bolts at no charge. Should frames display any cracks, fractures, broken joints or supports, we will notify you of the problem with a cost to weld repair. We proudly stand behind our finished products and services with competitive pricing, professionalism, a courteous staff and a 1-year Warranty on materials and craftsmanship.

Due to our extreme heat and sun here in Arizona, we cannot forecast how long any one of these fabrics will last. Highly exposed pieces such as chaise lounges will typically wear much faster than covered seating areas. Life expectancey for any material when comparing similar/like-duty should last as long as the original fabric or last application. All sling fabrics are manufactured with materials suitable for their intended purpose. The quality of the care is just as critical as the quality of the fabric to ensure a long life from your purchase.

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