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As a small business who greatly values our employees and customers, we are keeping our staff informed on the pandemic and maintaining social distancing as recommended by the CDC and State of Arizona. We are open for business during posted hours and continuing production on all orders on behalf of our customers. We are constantly re-evaluating and adapting our business to mitigate the challenges we face with supply chain issues that affect the manufacturers, our suppliers, all the way down to us. We appreciate everyone's patience as we navigate through these challenging times.

Deep Cleaning

We use an environmentally friendly process for our patio furniture Deep Cleaning Service. The process involves cleaning and treating the frames. If you have slings or cushions that are still in good shape, we thoroughly clean those materials and apply a UV protectant to prolong the life of your fabric. However, if your materials are heavily stained, sun scorched, saggy or torn, they would not be good candidates for Deep Cleaning. You should consider Cushion Replacement or Recover instead.

We do not recommend deep cleaning service prior to our Summer monsoon season. It's better to wait until after.

Once you've had a deep cleaning, keep your outdoor patio furniture looking great all the time with our scheduled Spruce-Up Service.


Deep Cleaning | Fire Pit - BEFORE Fire Pit - BEFORE
Deep Cleaning | Fire Pit - AFTER Fire Pit - AFTER
Deep Cleaning | Chaise Lounge - BEFORE Chaise Lounge - BEFORE
Deep Cleaning | Chaise Lounge - AFTER Chaise Lounge - AFTER
Deep Cleaning | Dining Set - BEFORE Dining Set - BEFORE
Deep Cleaning | Dining Set - AFTER Dining Set - AFTER